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Raleigh Mortgage Specialists for Physician Home Loans

Physicians Mortgage Loans is a skilled and experienced expert in the mortgage lending business that specializing in new home loans and refinancing for Physicians, New Doctors, and Residents. PML provides many financing options to fit just about every budget and needs with credit scores starting at only 670, offering 100% financing on loans up to 1.5 million dollars.

We are North Carolina’s first choice for mortgages specifically tailored to all types of Physicians including: (DMD’s, DPM’s, DDS’s, D.O.’s, and M.D.’s). With over twenty-seven years of experience in the mortgage/banking industry and being one of the top licensed mortgage lenders in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, we exclusively help medical professionals and their families buy the homes of their dreams. We specialize in offering the best rates, and with our 98% rate of success requiring no prepayment penalties, no reserve requirements and no PMI we are in a league by ourselves. The mortgage industry lending rules on closings before employment starts is generally 3 months but we offer mortgages to doctors up to six months prior to their start date.

Our unique products include a simple, No Down Payment with 100% financing on loans up to 1.5 million dollars, 5% down up to 2 million dollars, and 10% down on loans up to 2.5 million dollars. If it becomes necessary, it is not a problem getting a credit report and offering credit repair. Our array of institutional lender’s offer 90-day closings and can even ignore student debt before a new doctor’s job begins. Financial reserves are not required for loans even up to 2.5 million and down payments may be gifted.

Non-permanent resident aliens can apply for loan approval and all at favorable rates. Approvals are quick, easy, and usually uncomplicated because of our mortgage loan procedures.

Raleigh-Durham and Chapel Hill, also known as “The Research Triangle”, because of all of the educational institutions, are amazing cities to live and work in. As North Carolina’s state capital, this area also enjoys many cultural and medical placement opportunities. These cities offer excellent medical care to over 2 million residents living in the metropolitan area. It’s no wonder being one of the largest tri-city areas in North Carolina, is also one of the fastest growing and thriving cities in the southeast. By being in such close proximity to both Greensboro and Fayetteville, Raleigh-Durham attracts students and visitors from all over America.

This area is also known for its college town atmosphere as well as offering a diverse, cultural experience. Many live in the outlining rural towns that are within commuter distance and this is an attractive feature to many medical professionals and physicians.

Physicians Mortgage Loans are popular among hundreds of physicians working and serving the Greater Raleigh area.

Our individualized services can also help physicians not familiar with the area with relocation, real estate referrals, city information, and many related services.

Please give us a call today for a free mortgage approval consultation at 866-933-7426. We are an exclusive, licensed mortgage lender in many states including but not limited to: Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Texas, North and South Carolina and have over 27+ years of experience servicing medical professionals.

Remember our physician mortgage loans start at a credit score of 670 for doctors with limited credit reported and 100% financing available on homes of up to 1.5 million dollars.

Physician Mortgage Loans specializes in providing doctors from all walks of life and disciplines, the very best mortgage advice and services in North Carolina and the southeast.

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