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Athens Mortgage Specialists for Physician Home Loans

Physicians Mortgage Loans is an experienced and expert mortgage lender with a specialization in new home and refinance loans for New Doctors, Physicians, and Resident Doctors. We provide financing options to fit almost every budget with flexible doctor loan options with credit scores starting at 670, offering 100% mortgage financing up to 1.5 million dollars.

We offer mortgages specifically tailored to the medical professionals in the area and are Athen Georgia’s top choice for loans designed especially for medical professionals, including DMDs, DDSs, DPMs, M.D.s, and D.O.s.

Our firm has over twenty-seven years of expertise in the mortgage industry. We offer the very best rates available, and we have a 98% success rate no PMI, no reserve requirements and no pre-payment penalties. The rule in the industry on closings, before employment start dates is 3 months, but we offer up to six months prior to your start date.

Physicians Mortgage Loans specializes in doctor loans in Athens with No Down Payments and 100% financing on loans up to 1.5 million dollars, 5% down up to 2 million dollars, and 10% down on loans up to 2.5 million dollars. There are no concerns when it comes to credit repair and reports. Student debt is not included in a 90-day closing schedule designed for the start of a new doctor's career.

Additionally, financial reserves are not needed for even 2.5-million-dollar loans, and downpayments maybe gifted.

We advise all non-permanent resident aliens to apply for the right loan approval at a favorable rate because our loan procedure is quick, easy and uncomplicated.

Athens, and the surrounding communities are excellent places to work and live as are most large college towns. Our physician mortgage loans are enjoyed by hundreds of practicing doctors who service this metropolitan area and the individuals and families who call Athens, home. We offer individual, fully integrated services including relocation information and related services for newcomers not familiar with the area.

Contact us today for a free mortgage evaluation at 866-933-7426. We are a fully licensed mortgage lender in most states including but not limited to Georgia, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, South and North Carolina. We have over 27+ years of experience servicing medical professionals.

Remember our doctor loans start at a 670-credit score for doctors with limited credit ratings and 100% financing on homes of up to 1.5 million dollars.

Physician Mortgage Loans specializes in providing the very best mortgage loan advice and services in Georgia and the southeast region.

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