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Gainesville Mortgage Specialists for Physician Home Loans

Physicians Mortgage Loan specializes in refinance and new home loans for New Doctors, Residents and Physicians. We are a licensed mortgage lender in Georgia, Florida and Texas with over 25+ years’ experience servicing medical professionals. We are Gainesville’s best option for mortgages specifically designed for Physicians (D.O.’s. M.D.’s, DPM’s, OSM’s, DMD’s, and DDS’s). With the best rates in town and a 96% success rate that requires no PMI and no pre-payment penalties makes Physicians Mortgage Loan a no brainer.

We specialize in a 100% financing option up to $1,500,000.00 with No Down Payment. A 5% down payment up to 2-million-dollar loan amount and a 10% down payment up to 2.5-million-dollar loan amount. Additionally, reserves only needed for 2.5-million-dollar loans (18 months and maybe gifted). We also offer credit report and repair if necessary. Regardless of student debt or if you are 90 days out from a new job, we can work with you to get you qualified. Our expert approval process is quick and easy and we offer the right loans at the right price for permanent resident and non-permanent resident aliens.

With our vast mortgage loan experience and network of Physicians, we have serviced literally 100’s of Doctors throughout Florida and the surrounding markets. If you are in need of a free mortgage evaluation, contact us today at 866-933-7426.

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