Physicians and Mortgages A Great Combination

Physicians, Doctors of Osteopathy, Dentists, Podiatrists, Residents and even graduating Medical Students all share something more in common than just a desire to become part of the medical community, they all can take advantage of mortgage loans designed especially for them. Financial institutions and banks in general all operate under the assumption that secured loans and risk go hand and hand and it seems that these financial groups are all betting that advanced degree medical professionals are a good investment for making and securing mortgage loans with little or no credit, low down payments, no PMI required and even student loan amounts not calculated into the acceptance equation. Almost all mortgage lending groups, banks and mortgage underwriters have creating very attractive mortgage loans for doctors and the future looks bright for expanding these types of loans to include medical professionals including chiropractors, PA’s, nurses, laboratory technologists, physical therapists, pharmacists, medical administrators, social workers, dental hygienists, medical chaplains, and many other nursing and medical career caregivers in the near future. All of these medical professionals must have a medical degree or certificate of some kind to be considered and they will be eligible to take advantage of mortgage loans specifically designed for their individual medical discipline or designation.

What Might We Expect from These Plans

The mortgage loans that have been created specifically for Physicians are unique because they reduce many costs that are associated with traditional mortgage loans and have some cost savings that are specific to the amount of money required, credit score needed and % down payments based on the size of the loan value and duration of the terms. These specialized physician mortgage loan plans, streamline the process of applying for and obtaining loans with out-of-pocket expenses reduced and better terms offered than traditional residential mortgage loans. Loan application and processing fees, along with mortgage underwriting and commitment fees are in some cases eliminated. Even first time home buyers and refinancing programs are available with rates and term refinance with up to 97% loan, to home value appraisal. Single family, condominiums and even commercial properties are considered. There are cash-out refinance mortgage options also available.

Why Physicians Mortgage Loan

With over 21 years’ experience, Physicians Mortgage Loan is a knowledgeable mortgage lender that understands all aspects of the real estate transaction and has helped 1000’s, obtain mortgage loans of all shapes and sizes. With a 94% success rate on loan approval and 100% financing available with no money down, Physicians Mortgage Loan offers the best rates in the industry. We handle credit report review and repair, specialize in helping non-permanent resident alien doctors and dentists and even assist with relocation services to ensure you are requesting and securing the best loan, in the best neighborhoods, with the best possible terms. From 100% financing, up to $500K and 5% down on loans up to 1.0M for residents and new doctors, to practicing physicians with 100% financing up to $650K and 5% down up to 1.0M. We can originate mortgage loans in Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Iowa.

Please visit our website for more information at and take advantage of these low, low rates available right now. You can also talk to one of our licensed mortgage loan advisors who can answer any questions you might have about our rates and services by calling us at 904-747-0865 Monday thru Friday for 9am – 8pm.